Wednesday, September 16, 2009


.I have been in Lausanne for about four days now and my body is finally adjusting to the change. We have been doing such fun things at orientation. On Sunday, we took a train ride to a wine vineyard where we walked around, took pictures, and tested grapes. We all had such a fun time and the scenery was absolutely beautiful. We made our way over to a boat, which we road over the lake toa quant district called Lutry. We had ice cream explored the town and some people went swimming. We ended the day at a Chinese buffet and went home to listen to music and hang out. Monday and Tuesday, we began “intensive French” which isn’t quite intensive but we split up and went on different field trips around Lausanne. We took a billion hour walk to see a garden and a caccon exhibit. The exhibit was throughout a wealthier neighborhood. Artists donated these giant cocoons to home owners and they were in each front yard. It was a symbol of renewal and transformation. We also took walked to the top of the main cathedral in Lausanne. From the top, there is a panoramic view of the city and the ringing of bells at the top of each hour. Next we took an incredible tour of a museum of l’art brut. This is a term to describe a raw kind of art done by artists who were outcasts, convicts, and many who suffered through psychiatric problems. All of the pieces had intense emotion and beautiful and disturbing stories behind them.

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