Thursday, September 24, 2009

why i will never live in a glass house

Well it has been an eventful time in Switzerland to say the least. This past week tops the cake though. Classes have officially started and we are all slowly getting into the swing of things. My teachers seem pretty good and I am interested in 2 of 4 my classes so that’s something. This past weekend we had a lot of fun. We went to a fun night club called le Darling, we visited the Olympic Museum, took a day trip to Bern, and revisited the beautiful winery that we took a tour of during orientation. All of these excursions were so fun and it is so beautiful here. The wheather is so tricky here though. It looks so cold outside and the moment you step ou of the house you realize that the clouds fooled you again. Other than that I have no complaints. The food is extraordinary. We went for Fondue tonight to celebrate our RA Amy’s birthday. It was fantastic, a pretty penny though if I do say so myself.

The topic of discussion this week is of a far different nature though. As many of you know I have a rather playful spirit and well I have never had to suffer the consequences of this playful behavior. However, life has a way of surprising you. My roommate and I were running around the house a few days ago and well…as mom always says “someone is going to get hurt.” Michelle was chasing me through the house and as I ran out of the room I closed the door behind me and she ran through the door. By that, I mean that the door was glass before, and after she flew through it there was no more glass on the door. The house was full of people running around, helping in every and any capacity and after a dreadfully long 15 minutes the ambulance arrived. Before they arrived, however, another young lady was told about the incident and passed out at the very thought of blood. In the process of falling to the ground, she hit her head on the wall causing a minor concussion. Michelle ended up with 22 stitches, a few scratches and some really lame medication. The events of this trip have brought us all back to reality and showed us our limits. We are relatively lucky to have made it through all of this as well as we have, but it is a little stressful to say the least.

This weekend we have decided to take it easy and stay in Lausanne on account of the fact that Michelle is walking with the aid of what we joke as “polio sticks” but are a lame version of crutches. Time to catch up on rest is much needed for me. I have averaged anywhere between 2-7 hours of sleep each night and my cold/cough hasn’t subsided yet on account of the lack of sleep. Life in Switzerland as stressful and crazy as it sounds is worth every minute of it and I am having the most incredible time of my life!!! Keep us all in your prayers.

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